February 9, 1964. A milestone in the history of popular music. The date when the dream of the Scheckler Brothers was first formed in the minds of Tom and Robert Scheckler - two young brothers transfixed by the sound and image of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. The dream was well cemented by 1966, when they saw The Beatles perform at Shea Stadium in Flushing, NY.


Robert was already a drummer when he discovered The Beatles, playing in the Heights Drum Corp. His style was formed by key influences Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker and of course, John Bonham. Tom was the guitar player, who also played harmonica and tenor sax; inspired by the magical pairing of Lennon/McCartney, and other diverse influences to follow: Elvis, Pete Townsend, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck.


There would be brushes with fame over the years. Robert would play in a band with singer Eddie Money, which came about from answering an ad in Rolling Stone Magazine. With the Sunday Punch Band, they opened for Tower of Power, Asleep at the Wheel, Commander Cody, Earthquake, and other bands throughout the San Francisco Bay area. 


While Robert was gaining road experience with Eddie Money, Tom was blossoming into an accomplished songwriter, and would send cassettes by mail to Robert of his latest work. They never stopped working on music together, always planning for the launch of the Scheckler Brothers. When they were finally reunited, they would go on to open for Gary US Bonds, Cherry Vanilla, The Trogs, Avis Davis and Joy Rider, Leslie West, Eric Bourdon and the Animals, Felix Cavaliere, Credence Clearwater Revisited, Three Dog Night, Jay and the Americans, Peter Noone and Herman’s Hermits. Peter Noone would call Robert "Big Herman - we had the same haircut only I was taller. He was total gentleman."


Today the Scheckler Brothers are going stronger than ever. Two journeymen who have never stopped playing the music they love, even while finding other careers to earn money, having families, both leading rich and colorful lives, the two have stayed true to their childhood dream. In 2019, they will release a single as the Scheckler Brothers called “Magic,” that pays lyrical homage to the coming of The Beatles to America. They will launch a new music video for the song, which they filmed at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT. “Magic” is the first single from the Scheckler Brother’s new EP.


“I couldn’t imagine not playing or writing. Telling stories with my writing, fiction or nonfiction. I’m 63 now, still playing, working hard. Music will always be a part of my life,” says Tom Scheckler. “I’ll never give up.”


Robert echoes this when he said: “Tommy and I have paid our dues over the years. As rock-n-roll journeymen, we’re grateful to have one more shot as recording artists. Filming the video for “Magic,” I was reminded of a video we shot for Tom’s song “Chrissy,” which we filmed on the roof an an apartment building in Westchester, NY. Like what happened to The Beatles, they kicked us off. I was very proud to have that in common with my heroes, the band that first inspired this incredible journey.

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